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 Jason The Dog Photographer

Some say I've got the ability to herd cats and also be as patient as a saint!

The reality is I do what I need to get the pictures to give you happy memories, sometimes this requires being patient, other times it's knowing when to have a break or use my years of photo-editing experience to 'create' what would be near impossible to photograph in real life.

I'm dedicated to the cause and like to keep our furry friends comfort and welfare a priority, and to understand not all dogs 'sit' and not all dogs like people or being fussed and so on. 

Dogs like us humans are all very different.

In 2018 and 2019 I wanted to prove my ability to produce amazing pictures of outstanding quality so I entered and won Pet Photographer of the Year with The Guild of Photographers of which I am very proud.  Pop over to my portfolio to see some of my award winning pictures. 

Thank you. Jason


Let's Shake Paws

07709 444511

30 Hope Street Crook Durham DL15 9HU

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